Benefit Programs

  • 13th salary

    13th Salary -

    The Company pays a 13th month salary to all permanent employees every December. If you have been employed for less than 12 months, this is pro-rated to the months that you have been employed.
  • vacation

    Vacation -

    The starting annual vacation entitlement in P&G is 23 working days, in line with the market practice. The vacation entitlement increases with the length of service in the Company. Employees below 20 years old are entitled to 25 days until their 20th birthday, in line with Swiss law.
  • isop

    ISOP (International Stock Ownership Plan) -

    ISOP is a leading program that gives employees the opportunity to purchase P&G stock, with P&G matching the employee contribution. It enables our employees to participate in the financial success of P&G and have shareholder voting rights.
  • company plans

    Company Plans -

    The company offers accident, death, disability and group life insurance free of charge for the employee. If you will join the company’s Health Insurance plan, the company covers 80% of the premium.
  • work permit

    Work Permit -

    If a new employee is not Swiss or does not hold a permanent residence permit “C”, an offer of employment is subject to the Company being granted a work permit for the employee by the Swiss Authorities.
  • permanent move to switzerland

    Permanent move to Switzerland -

    P&G pays the travel expense from current residence direct to Switzerland. A temporary company apartment will be provided if needed with free of charge for the first 7 nights.
  • company shop

    Company Shop -

    You can buy P&G Products in our online Company Shop for reduced prices.

  • Work-life Balance

    • work from home

      Work from Home -

      As part of our flex@work strategy, we provide opportunities for our employees to work from home as a way to enable employees to further balance their professional and personal life.
    • leave of absence

      Unpaid Personal Leave of Absence -

      You can take up to 3 month off after your first assignment and every 7 years to pursue individual interests (sabbatical) and we also give the opportunity for unpaid leave linked to family care.
    • Reduced work schedule / part-time -

      As part of your career with P&G, if you have the personal need that fits with the business needs at the time, there can be an opportunity to work less than full time.