What is the best thing about working at P&G?

The best thing about working at P&G, apart from the people, is the consciousness that your work is really making a difference, for the consumers first, for the company and for your team. I feel valued here both when I work on my projects and I make them progress and when I collaborate with my team and I give my help and contribution. This is making me grow as a person and as a P&Ger.

What did you learn and experience while working at P&G?

I am learning a job, the Oral CareĀ  eBusiness ABM one; a way of working, collaborative, proactive, challenging and winning-oriented and I am learning how to engage with different cultures and companies, i.e. agencies, with the purpose of generating the best for the business and the consumers.

Tell us about your meaningful or challenging day at work.

Being part of the Brand Management team, and specifically of the Oral Care eBusiness team, mean that my days are divided between working with many teams, inside and outside P&G. The biggest challenge is to effectively coordinate this process, enabling my colleagues to perform at their best in the most efficient way, which sometimes also means in the shortest time possible. The most meaningful days are the ones where, after weeks of work, we reach the final approval of a project and we know each of us gave a significant contribution to it.