Why are you passionate about finance at P&G?

Finance roles in P&G have big scopes already from junior positions. In every roles you are able to learn and apply different finance and accounting skills but also gain and improve soft skills together with top level business strategic thinking.

What is the best thing about working at P&G?

Working at P&G means much more than just dealing with some of the most famous brands present in the market. It means working with very intelligent people coming all from different backgrounds, going to work and learn everyday something new and being able to work on concrete projects that will have clear impact in the world outside.

How has P&G’s Build from Within Culture impacted you?

It is very common to talk with top management people and understand that all of them have passed through the same phases of the career you are in at the moment. This clearly shows you that reaching top level positions is not impossible and give you the motivation to work hard since day 1 to reach the same level  and expertise in the future.