Anna Maria

What did you value the most about your internship experience in P&G?

Certainly the responsibility I got as of day one. I became the leader of my project and I felt at the same moment accountable for and empowered to deliver high-quality results. I understood I could have a concrete impact and this motivated me to give my best.


What made this experience different from others you might have had in the past?

Definitely the People. First, there is a very big community of new hires and interns which makes very easy and fast to adjust to a new reality. I found extremely smart colleagues and very good friends.

Besides the connection I created with my peers, it was also easy to get to know more experienced people in the company. I was very impressed by how flat is the hierarchy in P&G. I had the chance to meet and learn from inspirational leaders. I found that tremendously enriching not only on a professional stand point, but also for my personal growth.

Lastly, I truly appreciated a very supportive working environment. As a new comer, I often had questions or doubts and I never had problems in getting support from my manager, my team members or even people outside my business unit or from different functions.