Jean Jacques

Why are you passionate about finance at P&G?

My passion for Finance at P&G is driven by the fact that I am not simply seen as a mere “number cruncher”. In fact, it is expected of me to go beyond the numbers, form an opinion, articulate recommendations and step out of an isolated finance perspective to ultimately drive business results. This means that the work I do in Finance has a true impact on the organization, be it by individual analyses or, most commonly, by enabling cross functional efforts. Of course nobody expects that you bring the skills and experience required to do all that on day one. A career in Finance at P&G is very much focused on developing the skills required to succeed in your job – and trust me, the Finance organization takes the development of those skills very seriously. 

Tell us about a challenging and meaningful day at work as a new hire or as an intern.

One of the projects I was working on during my internship was the development of a global packaging cost database for the Fabric Care business. The idea was to provide visibility of the different costs associated with laundry packaging in different countries to ultimately identify savings opportunities. So far so good - until one of my key contacts for the project tells me that what I intended to do was impossible for various (very valid) reasons. At that moment I had absolutely no idea of what to do but P&G is hardly the place where people just give up – so I did not either. Together with my manager we identified the factors that were limiting the project progression, re-focused the project on a specific region and altered the roadmap accordingly by the end of the day. In the end the project was a success and the individual telling me that the project was impossible, was an integral part of my team delivering the project.

Your growth and development is a strategic priority for P&G.  How have you experienced this at work?

I experience growth and development in various ways. On the one hand there is the very structured path provided by the Finance organization I mentioned previously. The main idea is that by rotating through different finance jobs in the company, every individual will acquire more experience and the relevant skills for each job over time. In addition I currently have a specific plan on certain training sessions that I have to attend within the next three, six or twelve months.

On the other hand you have a less structured form of learning and that is the willingness of more senior colleagues to share their perspective and advice. I have gained a lot of insight by simply asking “What do you think about XYZ?” and so far everyone was very open to share their experience.