Why did you choose P&G for an internship in Brand Management?

After completing a Bachelor degree in Business Management, I felt the need to put in practice my skills and further build an expertise in the field of marketing and brand management. Moreover, I was looking for an empowering and challenging experience with longer term professional growth opportunities. Completing an internship in P&G corresponded fully to what I was looking for. The 6 months’ internship helped me to feel confident about pursuing a career in this area and the empowerment I was given since day one motivated me to bring out my best. Following this experience, and after completing a Master degree in Marketing, I was offered a full-time position in the perfect work environment to learn and grow personally and professionally.


What would be the best advice for people who start a career in P&G?

When you start a career at P&G as an intern or even as a new hire, do not hesitate to use proactively the help from your colleagues as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! During the first months of my internship I often had questions or doubts about the organization or the projects I was working on, and my manager and team members were always available to help me; even people from outside of my business unit could give me great advices. It’s also important to be curious about what is happening outside of your scope of work, for example by being aware of the specific projects your colleagues are working on to improve your overall understanding of your business unit and how collaborate with them in the future.


What do you like the most about working at P&G?

Working at P&G helps me grow and build my professional skills, giving me the possibility to go as far as I want. It is known as being one of the best places to develop capabilities in Marketing and Brand Management. As an intern and even more now that I am a new hire, I have the feeling that I can make the difference. Overall, this is due to the great responsibilities you get but also to P&G’s supportive, energetic and motivating environment. Your managers or colleagues are always willing to help you, and on top, the company provides several training sessions and skill development programs… so everything is done to enable me to perform and grow.