Why did you choose P&G for an internship in Finance?

P&G is surely one of the most admired and well-known multinational corporations around the world, and this puts it on the wish-list. What made the difference was the possibility to work in a truly international working environment (more than 70 nationalities represented in the office!). This was very important for me, above all after the various experiences abroad during my studies. On the other side, I was searching for a challenging experience, with real exposure to business and decision-making. P&G does offer meaningful work and full responsibility from day 1, with dedicated projects you can shape, manage, and -of course- execute. 


What did you learn and experience while working at P&G?

Working at P&G, both as an intern and a manager, provides thousands of learning opportunities. First, working in team and effective collaboration are the foundations of P&G way of doing business internally. The flexible schedule and result-oriented organization give you the opportunity of managing your time; challenging at the beginning, rewarding in the long term. Besides general know-how such as presentation skills, the specific function shapes your learning opportunities. Profitability analysis, strategic revenue management, and process reengineering are only some of the fields in which I’ve acquired my expertise, with relevant projects and ad-hoc trainings. Moreover, my specific role gave me the chance to discover the amazing world of eBusiness and eCommerce, and their quite special dynamics. An exciting way of mixing traditional business with tech-like innovative business environment.


What do you like the most about working at P&G?

The best thing I experience at P&G is working with great people. All the colleagues I have met have always been available and open to me, providing their help and support on several topics. Not only with their technical expertise, but also with tips regarding social life and practical issues that can become big obstacles if you are let to deal with them alone, especially in the first weeks. You can always count on someone else, and this makes a great difference at the end of the day. For me, people are definitely the best side of this company.


Why are you passionate about finance at P&G?

Being passionate about finance is a bold statement to make. However, finance in P&G is quite different from other contexts I have experienced in the past. You are very close to the business, and you usually work as a partner in a multifunctional team, providing your technical mastery to support and improve the team’s plans. This gave me the possibility to see the impact of my work on the business, and not only on an Excel sheet. Being able to see concrete results as outcome of my work is an essential point for me, and for this reason I’m so committed to my job. Finally, my current role can be seen as the CFO-like position for a small part of the company’s business, and this is really empowering.