What do you like the most about working at P&G?

What I like the most about working in P&G is the trust that the company gives you since the very first day. Employees are fully accountable for their projects and they have the right level of authority to make things happen. Seeing your projects happening in retailer’s stores provides a great feeling of achievement.

The atmosphere at work is also one of the key benefit, when you enter P&G is like being part of a new family. Surrounded by multi-cultural colleagues, you take advantage to combine different mindset and to learn continuously. Colleagues are available and willing to help at every hierarchy level and in any occasion.

The opportunities are also very motivating, with such a wide range of brands and locations you have plenty of possibilities to evolve within the company and the chance to try different disciplines.


What did you value the most about your internship experience in P&G?

I’ve had the chance to do a 1 year internship in P&G to validate my master degree. I’ve been impressed by the level of responsibilities given to interns. The projects for which I was accountable for have made significant impacts on the business.

I’ve worked with colleagues from all different functions and from all different regions. This allowed me to learn not only in my area of expertise but also in other’s disciplines and understand the complexity of a multinational environment.

I believe that entering the company with an internship is the best way to learn and to make sure P&G is the right place for you.