Why are you passionate about Marketing at P&G?

When choosing a profession, I was not sure what would allow me to combine both passions (math’s and writing essays for literature class) in a balanced way. Marketing was the answer, allowing me to leverage analytical and humanistic aptitudes – e.g. understanding how an audience buys your product, how to target and write a winning message, how to test a campaign and analyze the numbers to measure its impact. I feel Marketing at P&G is really at the heart of the company’s strategy and it’s the best place to be if you love driving action and results. What makes me so passionate about Marketing at P&G is that the company enables individuals to channel their drive into meaningful and impactful projects, and feel valued while doing so.


What did you learn and experience while working at P&G?

After an internship in the Business Unit shaping the product and marketing strategy for a global beauty brand I had an experience in the tech industry. As I had the opportunity I chose to come back to P&G in a European role. My responsibility is driving the creation of eContent across categories for all P&G products – a coordinated effort that enables our markets and brands to have the necessary marketing assets to sell online in Europe. I do this managing a small team of experts and closely collaborating with other functions.

Being part of the Brand Operations Team (one of the key teams enabling the company’s Digital IQ) I work closely with experts in Digital Strategy, eCommerce, Data Strategy, Media and Innovation. Here, Marketing has a major impact driving simplification in processes and innovating for the future, enabling the organization to be industry leader in Digital.


What is the unique thing about working at P&G?

Before joining P&G I had a few other experiences in Marketing for the services industry (banking), Business-to-Business (packaging materials) and Tech (wearable devices). While every experience built my knowledge and allowed me to meet some amazing people, what made me come back to P&G is the company’s unique ability to form Marketing professionals worldwide. I know this is the field I love and P&G is the best school for Marketing. Here you can learn the business fundamentals, how to reason and communicate messages in a structured way, how to think big and in an inclusive way, how to plan for the future and how to bring out the best in others. If you like continuous development and driving results, Marketing at P&G might be the choice for you.