Ana Mantecas

What is the best thing about working at P&G IT?


P&G IT gives me the opportunity to experience different domains. I am more than 15 years in P&G, and I have been able to work in multiple areas: Supply chain systems including automated warehouse and robots, consumer marketing including CRM and social media or sales systems. In all those projects, IT plays a leading transformational role, understanding first what the business needs to win, designing then the systems architecture, leading the roll out, and staying close to our people as they start using the system, or running ongoing operations. P&G has given me the opportunity to learn business process transformation, marketing, finance, sales, and I have been able to experience latest technologies, with many firsts: first web based applications, first iPADs in market, first mobile apps, IoT… In my current role I am the iT Leader for a large business unit (20+ billion NOS). My team uses state of the art virtualization and visualization techniques to ensure Ariel and Fairy, and many more products always have top quality packaging that you recognize instantly, online or on the shelf, in every country across the globe.


Share a challenging and meaningful day at work as a new hire or as an intern


My first project in P&G was to develop a hand held solution to connect a state of the art automated (huge) warehouse to the shipping area where small packs are prepared to ship with major orders coming out of this warehouse. I was amazed that P&G let me understand what was needed by visiting the site, talk to the people running the process, select the supplier, develop the solution myself and design the roll out and training plan. I had a coach to help me, but it was pretty much my decision. The system was discontinued a couple years ago, after having expanded to more than 15 warehouse in Europe and survive 15 years of technology innovation. It was my training project! Imagine what’s next. Today, I give similar opportunities to our new hires who join my team.


Your growth and development is a strategic priority for P&G. Share how you have experienced this at work.


P&G invests in me. I get the opportunity to work on challenging projects and continue to learn everyday even after more than 15 years in the company. Training is always available, but the best is the training on the job, trust that we will deliver and freedom to define the boundaries or a role and access to a broad network of people. As a manager, developing my people is a key component of my performance evaluation. I need to ensure we develop the next generation of leaders, cause P&G is a ‘promotion from within’ company, and leadership development is a key business strategy.