Sedef Ataman

Finance Director Global Home Care & P&G Profession

How do you support new talents who join your team? 

We have all been in the position of a newcomer. The best thing we provide for a new member of the team is a welcoming environment, a complete and well-designed on-boarding program and a buddy, who the newcomer can ask for help as needed. My personal approach is to ensure that these conditions are given and then to meet them on a personal level, welcome them to the team, introduce them to our operating principles, values, purpose and keep an open communication line for whenever they need help.

Based on your experience, what would you recommend to new talents joining P&G? 

My first and foremost advice is to keep their eyes and ears open so they can grasp, observe and learn. Understanding the core values and systems of the company, the organizational setup and how decisions are made will be helpful to connect the dots. They should not be shy to speak up when they don’t understand or have a different point of view. We hire people not to tell them what to do, but to eventually have them tell us that, based on their analysis.

How would you describe your leadership style? 

I would say it’s a pull vs push leadership. I believe in leading by example and inclusion – of all backgrounds, levels, gender, and functions – to get the best out of a team. A leader’s job is to unleash the potential of the team members by removing barriers, building skills and capabilities, finding the right motivations and listening.

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