The MPC 3+1 program (Maturité Professionelle Commerciale) is a specific internship program in Switzerland. Indeed, this is only dedicated to young students who have already accomplished 3 years in a specific Swiss Commercial School. Students have to complete a one year commercial internship to obtain their Professional Maturity and their Commercial CFC. After this year of internship, they can follow advanced studies especially in Commerce domain (Commerce High School) or directly find a job.

As an MPC intern at Procter & Gamble, you will have to achieve interesting tasks like any other employee and in the meantime complete tasks for school. At the end of the year you will have to present a TIP (Travail Interdisciplinaire centré sur un Projet) and reach some professional objectives to validate your school year. The subject of this project has to be linked with the Department you are doing their internship in.

Working for P&G as an MPC intern is a great opportunity to be better prepared for your future professional life and it is also a good opportunity to evolve in an English environment.

Procter & Gamble hires several MPC interns each year in different Business Units that are assigned to business assistant or functional expert roles. We select them based on their motivation and on their marks done during the 3 previous years especially in English. We invite those we selected for a special session where they do the Reasoning Test and complete the required interviews.

Come and learn more about the MPC program and our application process during our company presentation next Feb 8th 2017 at 2pm in our offices.  

MPC Internships will start next July 1st 2017 until June 30th 2018.

You will find the link to apply HERE.


Learn more from our MPC interns:




The best thing about doing the MPC internship at P&G is to have the opportunity to work in a challenging and exciting work environment at the same time. P&G gives you excellent opportunities to learn from day one and to grow as a professional all through your internship. Employees are very talented and extremely passionate about what they do.

During my MPC internship in the Human Resources department, I was directly involved with many internal and external stakeholders. I really appreciated having meaningful tasks to accomplish every day and to be followed by a high-skilled coach with whom I learnt a lot.

The team was fully available to help me with the internship thesis and were there to support my success at each achievement. I was especially grateful when I saw that my suggestions of improvement were taken into consideration and implemented when I was still in the department. All this demonstrates how much P&G cares about its interns and that every intern makes a positive impact on the company.




What is the best thing about working at P&G?

P&G allows us to be in touch with a lot of people around the world. We work with great people on great project and we have always something new to discover.

What did you learn and experience while working at P&G? 

I learned to collaborate and to have a more overall view on what is behind these brands we use regularly.

Tell us about your meaningful MPC internship/ Apprenticeship.

In one day, I am in touch with people around the world. I also create and collaborate on a lot of projects in different region of the world. I know and I have the feeling to be very useful and helpful as I have interesting responsibilities.




What is the best thing about working at P&G?  

In P&G you work with people from different cultures and countries. The diversity in this company is huge and I think this one of the master keys of its success.

What did you learn and experience while working at P&G? 

Working in P&G is the best way to enter working life. I had the opportunity to work with people working abroad. My internship allows me to see how the business works. I have also been impressed by how much P&G cares about its employees. It is amazing to see that such a company puts all its efforts for the well being of its employees.

Tell us about your meaningful MPC internship/ Apprenticeship.

The company is very well prepared to welcome MPC Internship. Working in P&G is the best way to enter working life. I have real responsibilities and the work I have to do is meaningful. I do not bring coffee. Here, we participate to the good health of the company and for us, as interns, that’s rewarding.